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Professional Bodies' Programs
The Pharmaceutical Society's Health Destination Pharmacy Program is paving a clear way forward for pharmacies willing to invest in change management.

PSA and Pharmacy Guild initiatives in the adherence arena.

The Pharmaceutical Society’s Health Destination Pharmacy Program is paving a clear way forward for pharmacies willing to invest in change management.

Dr Alison Roberts, PSA Executive Director Policy, has been instrumental in leading the program and said Health Destination contained all the key elements proven to work to achieve better consumer engagement.

Health Destination is the pharmacy of the future as it's about focussing on the local community needs and working collaboratively with other healthcare providers, particularly GPs.

"This program is all about enabling pharmacists to do what they do best and what we know consumers want from them – to be accessible to provide evidence-based advice and assistance on minor ailments and medication management," Dr Roberts said.

Recently released independent analysis and results for Health Destination show that the program is working, and Sydney-based pharmacist Anthony Vass is a strong advocate, saying it has transformed his Cincotta Chemist in Mascot into a local health destination.

"It's really exciting because the Health Destination model outlines a whole new way forward for us to do things better and work more closely with the community," Mr Vass said.

A Health Destination Pharmacy model provides an excellent opportunity for community pharmacies to implement minor-ailment services, however the PSA also provides a wide range of practice support tools, continuing education and training that builds pharmacists' knowledge and skills so they can be more effective and valuable members of a healthcare team in whatever setting they practise.

The Guild's Health Advice Plus

The Pharmacy Guild's Health Advice Plus program consists of a range of support tools — including the Health Advice Plus Health Modules — to allow community pharmacies to extend their range of professional services. These modules are a complete solution for delivering professional services within specific disease state management areas, or health promotions.

"The provision of such services ease the burden on other health professionals while also improving the health outcomes for patients," said a Guild spokesperson. The Prescription Management Module allows a pharmacy to promote Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) and incorporate programs and initiatives such as MedsCheck and Diabetes MedsCheck, DAAs, clinical interventions, HMRs and prescription reminder services.

"The Health Advice Plus Prescription Management module provides community pharmacy with a systemised process in delivering prescription management solutions. This allows the pharmacy to deliver a solution that helps patients achieve QUM, which can lead to a reduction in the risk of hospital admissions resulting from non-compliance of medicines," added the spokesperson.

Providing a holistic approach to delivery of such services is often facilitated by patients using one specific pharmacy for most of their medicine and service needs. This results in development of a strong relationship between patient and pharmacy staff, allowing existing conditions and lifestyle factors to be easily taken into account and progress closely monitored.

Community pharmacists are therefore well positioned and trained to become a stronger part of any patient's healthcare team, and can fulfil their role of offering the right advice, solutions or tools to support patients taking both prescription medications and non-prescription medicines.