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Case Study: My Food Bag
Nadia Lim
It’s important to believe in and use your own service so you can be certain customers are getting the best possible value, says Head Chef and Co-Founder of My Food Bag, Nadia Lim. 

It’s important to believe in and use your own service so you can be certain customers are getting the best possible value, says Head Chef and Co-Founder of My Food Bag, Nadia Lim.

I’ve always loved creating recipes and cooking, so in 2011 I took a punt and entered MasterChef NZ. I ended up cooking my way to the top and winning – and my cooking career has grown from there.

I knew I wanted to use my love of cooking to do something that could help people. So when the My Food Bag dream was realised, I knew I’d moved beyond cooking as a hobby or a passion to providing a service that could potentially help thousands of people.

Case Study: My Food Bag


The My Food Bag concept was born out of a need we saw in the busy lives of New Zealanders and Australians alike. My business partner Cecilia Robinson is a busy mum and she was always struggling to think of what to cook for dinner after a busy day, leaving her to often resort to take-away. She knew this wasn’t sustainable or healthy for her family in the long term. After seeing a meal delivery service in Sweden, Cecilia thought it would be great to introduce this type of offer in New Zealand – mainly so she could use the service herself!


I’m not a branding or marketing expert; I just stay true to what I believe is good for our customers and our food systems. For this reason, My Food Bag follows the ‘nude food’ philosophy – and no, that doesn’t mean we cook in the nude! It means we believe in eating fresh, locally sourced, best-quality produce – food that comes from the earth, sea and sky. As a trained dietitian, I not only believe people should be able to access delicious food, I also want that food to be healthy.

All of our recipes are nutritionally balanced and provide the right portion sizes with plenty of fresh vegetables. It’s about moving people towards less processed food and ensuring better health outcomes for our customers.

Case Study: My Food Bag


While there are other services like My Food Bag available, we are unique in that we provide all free-range and sustainably sourced meat and fish. To us, it’s just as important that we’re helping to look after and build a good food system, as it is to deliver an excellent product.

After meeting the needs of customers in New Zealand and finding huge success with the service, we decided to bring My Food Bag to Australia.

We knew this was an important market because Australia not only has high-quality fresh produce, but we knew there were lots of busy people looking for a way to provide nutritious (and delicious) dinners for their family.


To set up in Australia, we knew we had to understand our customers and be willing to adapt our offer to meet the needs of the market.

Australians seem to eat out a bit more, so it gave us the opportunity to provide more flexibility with our offerings (e.g. option to purchase three or five dinners). We also had to adapt the recipes to suit Australian produce more (based on seasonal availability).

Despite the slight modifications, at the end of the day we are solving the same problem by providing people with simple and healthy dinners they can proudly serve up to their families – and by bringing back the joy of cooking!